OK, I jut received a “Rest in Peace” for my blog… It disturbed me. You see, I haven’t quit, I was just on holiday… having a bit of a sabbatical, wot. Anyhow, I have now been shaken out of my apathy (and have pulled myself out of a microbiolgy lecture in which I was submerged up to my ass) for the mere pleasure of entertaining you, Constant Reader.

Where to begin since my last entry…

Katy has been with her Dad for the last week, and Phoenix was with his mom. It should have been a wonderful, relaxing, peaceful week, but MY mom was on the warpath about high weeds, broken lattice, overflowing toilets, clogged pipes, brush removal… you name it. Sheesh, I thought that I was the one who is perimenopausal.

Speaking of that, how can I go nine months without a sign of the crimson tide, then all of a sudden it crops up out of nowhere, then disappears again for a few months, then comes back this past weekend in full force, accompanied by back pain, waves of sadness/anger/resentment/giggling/crying/and generally being a total spaz? This is a wonderful experience…my transition from Earth-Mother to Crone. I am not ready to be a Crone at forty!!!
On the bright side, hubby and I have starting eating better and walking, and I have switched from wine to gin & diet tonic (this may not seem like a healthy choice to anyone else, but I have pretty much decided that I am going to drink, so I should just accept it and cut calories where I can). After all, drinking keeps my children alive without necessitating that I spend all of my time in the jacket with wraparound sleeves. Anyway, I think I may have lost a few pounds. At least I’ll be a hot Crone….

Let’s see…now for interesting developments at work. Um, NONE! Moving on…

Oh wait, not so fast. My work belt is much looser and Ron is moving to the USP. Elizabeth left most of a lung on my desk today, and Jim wimped out camping over the weekend. Now, moving on…

I am just noticing (again) my excessive use of the ellipsis, which reminded me that I just watched Garden State again last week. What an odd, somewhat disturbing, yet beautifully awesome movie. As a side note, I would kill to look like Natalie Portman. Only not as Queen Amidala. That goofy-ass hair and the line in her lower lip made her look like a geisha who was left out in the rain for a week.

OK, now it is time for a game. It’s time to play….

Count the topics in this blog entry!

Ready??? Go!! The winner gets a jar of jelly beans and three guesses as to how many sugary morsels there are in the jar. If they guess right, then I will think of some other annoying party game for them. No wonder no one ever comes to my parties…

Dead blog (not).
Kids gone
Annoying Mom
weight loss
work weirdness
gin&tonic [BTW, did you all know that there is a drink called a gin & tonic (with many different spellings like ginintonnix, etc) in every language in the known universe? Ask Ford Prefect, he will vouch for me].
OK, even I lost count. That’s OK, jellybeans have too many calories, anyway.

Off to the kitchen and a ginintonnik. Hopefully Zaphod is lurking about and will mix it for me. For the worst-dressed sentient being in the known universe, he sure mixes a mean drink 🙂

Now to all..

Good Night, and Good Luck.


Oooh, one more thing- I can’t BELIEVE I forgot this! My hubby is writing a soundtrack for a 48 Hour Film that is going to be shown (hopefully) at the Cannes Film Festival next year. The music is awesome, and is his personal best. I will upload it as soon as I ask him to send some of the songs to me.

Now I am outta here.


Really.  Don’t bother hanging around anymore.
Geez…get a life, will ya?


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Boring... very boring. Soccer mom, nurse, excessive user of the ellipsis... see?
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