Watch this video.  It is horrifying.  What if they can’t get this fucking thing plugged up?  Thomas Stearns Eliot said that the world ends, “Not with a bang, but a whimper.”  Is this how we are finally going to succeed in killing our planet?  Not with the a-bomb, not with nukes, but with f-ing petroleum.  I guess it is kind of poetic justice for all of the dinosaurs that died in order to give us these fossil fuels… 


I keep waiting for Al Gore to show up in his Superman cape and save us.  Whether or not you believe in global warming or carbon footprints, there is no denying that this is bad… like catastrophically bad…  What the fuck is wrong with us as a people, and as an advanced nation that we choose to ignore clean alternatives for fossil fuels?  Is this so much better than having your view “spoiled” by windmills? 

Sorry, there is no humor tonight…just much teeth-gnashing.  It is hard to find anything humorous after watching this video, and seeing the beautiful marine life that is all going to suffocate or starve in the next few weeks.  It is time for the bottle-nosed dolphins, whales, sea-turtles, pelicans, sandpipers, and so forth to breed, and nurse their babies, or sit on their eggs right now.  These species cannot commute at this time of year. We are looking at an ecological disaster that will have repercussions for generations.  We might be looking at the end of the brown pelican- I believe it just came off of the endangered species list last year.  Why have we been so stupid and greedy?  And when will the people who can actually do something about it ask themselves the same question?  Good night.  I will try to be more light-hearted tomorrow. Tonight I can only manage to be sad… and disgusted.


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2 Responses to Update

  1. prebigbanger says:

    This is just another disappointing example of how we as a species don’t give a shit about anyone or anything except ourselves.

  2. demgirl1970 says:

    Not even so much as a species… It is more like particular groups within that species. There are plenty of homo sapiens that have tried, and continue to try, to live their lives in harmony with the seasons and the world around them. Plenty try to love others, do what is morally and ethically right, and help those less fortunate than themselves. However, plenty does not equal “most.” You are right that the situation in the Gulf is disappointing, and a perfect example of how profits are valued over people. Greed, distrust, and intolerance will be the downfalls of the human race… those and the fact that technology is rapidly out-pacing common decency.

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