Ack- May 26, and I am already out of witty commentary…

OK… I have to hand it to my egomaniacal, narcissistic friends… blogging is exhausting.  I don’t know why any of you do it.  Then again, I have no fucking idea why I am doing it, other than to potentially amuse my husband and my one friend (Hi, Diane).  Oh, shit, I forgot Joe… I have TWO friends.  Hi, to you, too, Joe.  Try not to let my acknowledgement of you go to your head or anything.

Tonight is a full moon.  I think that the Pagan rules of conduct dictate that I should be somewhere under it… dancing naked, preferably.  However, I am slightly suspicious that my neighbors might have grown up without the Wiccan Rede being prominent in their schooling.  I don’t want to test that hypothesis in any way, so I believe I will remain clothed tonight.  Plus, the moonlight dancing off of my curves kind of makes me look like a ship in full sail (Big, white, and… well… big!). As a result, I will spare the world from yet another month of naked me dancing and chanting.  Just wait until I am 110 lbs again, though… then look out!

BTW- the odds on that (the 110 lb. thing) happening are about as great as me becoming a successful Vestal Virgin, so don’t hold your (collective) breath.

Suddenly, I seem to be almost as fond of parenthetical expressions as I am of the ellipse… 

Before I end up making my two favorite punctuation marks jealous, I will once again adjourn, constant (or never) reader.

Love to….ummm Chris, Diane and Joe…  And anyone else who happens to be redirected to here because I linked it to the keywords”Amazing, hot, free, sexy, girls, and codeine.”   And to any FDA, ATF, FBI or BOP agents out there, I made that up…totally.  For crying out loud… get a life.

Good night and Bright Blessings, all…



About thenakedpagan

Boring... very boring. Soccer mom, nurse, excessive user of the ellipsis... see?
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One Response to Ack- May 26, and I am already out of witty commentary…

  1. demgirl1970 says:

    For the record, the keywords I included in this post really DID drive up hits on my blog… a LOT! LOL! Now I know what to do in order to drive traffic here. Eventually some poor sap that was searching for young, hot, sexy, girls and codeine will actually read my wit and witticism and become mesmerized… he will send the link to a bunch of his friends, and eventually the world will bow to me and my slightly off-base sense of humor! BwaaaHaaaHaa…!

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