May 25… I knew I couldn’t keep the daily thing up…

Wow. I just downloaded “Digital Ash in a Digital Urn” by Bright Eyes (I know, several years late… I am a little slow).  It is a great Album/CD/Digital MP3 download (what the hell do we call them nowadays?).  I love the song “Take it Easy (Love Nothing).” It’s sooooo Conor Oberst.  Thanks again to my friend Damian for introducing me to these guys.

So… I missed work today because I had another one of my headaches.  Starting to wonder what is going on.  I think I have ruled out leprosy… none of my limbs seem to be falling off.  Hoping it’s nothing more than I need new contact lenses… however, since I unfailingly wake up with my head pounding, I doubt that is it.  I have blamed caffeine, lack of caffeine, the heat, the pollen count, allergies, sinus problems, photo-sensitivity, wine, lack of wine, the kids, dehydration, and stress (not necessarily in that order) and still haven’t managed to rule in or rule out a cause.  Wow- I sound whiney, even to myself.  On to something more pleasant, or at least less ego-centric. 

Tonight was my daughter’s last soccer game of the season.  She really seems to have improved a lot, although I am continuing to put money back for her college education in case the soccer scholarship falls through 🙂  My husband’s team had practice prior to Katy’s game, and he got stuck with refereeing her game because the regular ref didn’t show up.  It was about 90 degrees in the shade, and by the time he got done running up and down the field for the second hour, I thought he was goinig to drop over, so after the game we all went out for Italian food.  First, Katy spilled her water, and we had to change tables.  Then Phoenix spilled some of his water, so we made both kids get cups with lids on them for the rest of the meal.  Many tears were shed at the loss of adult drinking vessels, but I think the waitress was just about ready to kill us all, so the kiddie cups were necessary to save the children’s lives.  If drinking out of them creates any future emotional trauma and hours spent on the big leather couch, I apologize to them both in advance.

Well… this is the second to last week of school.  The kids have next Monday off for Memorial Day, go to school for a full day on Tuesday, have their Fun Fair on Wednesday, have off AGAIN on Thursday for a teacher in-service day, and only go to school for a half-day on Friday.  It seems to me like the last week could have been planned a little bit better, but WTH… who am I to offer my opinion?  I could never be a school teacher/principal/administrator.  I’ll take the inmates, thank you very much.  At least I can send them to the hole if they act up.  Teachers don’t have that option.

So, in less than a week, a new cycle begins.  A cycle of dance camp, science camp, drama camp, soccer camp, and family vacations.  I have to credit my husband for enabling the kids to do all of these activities.  He finds them (the activities, not the kids… we usually have a pretty good idea where they are… lol),  schedules them, and will transport the kids to and fro, even though some are 45 minutes + away.  Thanks, Chris :).  Anytime I forget even for one second how much I love you, all I have to do is think about everything you do for our family, and I am reminded again why I fell in love with you to begin with. 

Now, constant readers (I have NO readers, so that is really funny.. to me, anyway.  And… since I am my ONLY reader, what is funny to me is what counts), it is time for me to adjourn to bed, in hopes of waking up headache-free.  Or at least able to get up and go to work with0ut head pain & pressure and nausea.  Wish me luck, all.  Or me.  Wish me luck, me.  ‘Night, me.


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