Night 4

Well, the good news is that I finally figured out how to get post # 2 out of the “drafts” limbo and into the blog.  Bad news is that it is out of order. It really doesn’t matter very much (officially), but it is bugging me anyway. 

Speaking of bugging me, I have an absolutely enormous bee in my office/out-building/shed.  It is now trapped between the window screen and the glass of the window.  I feel bad for it being there, and don’t want it to starve and die, but I am too scared to open the window glass and let it out into the shed to try to shoo it out into the wide, wonderful world…  I was stung by a very similar-appearing bee a few weeks ago, and I smushed it.  I am afraid this one is here to exact revenge, even though that other bee started it.

So, about today.  I had a terrible headache all day at work.  It is the same headache I have had for the past three days.  Of course, being a nurse, I am convinced that it is a brain tumor.  Or Cushing’s disease.  Or leprosy.  Or something equally horrible.  Chances are that it is probably just from the wine consumption, but my first rule of thumb is never to blame the alcohol- it might get offended and leave. 

My daughter has her second-to-last soccer game of the season tomorrow morning, forty-five minutes away.  I need to work job #2 tomorrow so that my family can continue to live in this lap of luxury, so I am faced with a dilemma…  Go to the soccer game, and not get home until after noon, or blow it off and feel guilty until I am dying alone in the nursing home because my family abandoned me for being such a bad mom.  I am sure I will choose mom-ness over work, thereby losing hours AND getting very behind AND pissing off my other bosses at job #2.  Hmmm… decisions, decisions….

OK, on to other, more pleasant topics.  Did any of you (my faithful readers, as Stephen King would put it) know that some dude on Youtube combined the song/video “Girls on Film” by Duran Duran with “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga?  I know it sounds like a nightmare of Freddy Krugerish proportion, but it actually kind of doesn’t suck.  In fact, it is pretty cool… at least if you are a 39-year-old child of the 80’s trying to stay cool so your kids aren’t totally embarassed when you show up at their school fun fair.  I will try (again) to post a link to it. 

Holy cow- I found it…

Anyway…  soccer game tomorrow, busy with studying, and still mad at my boss.  Good thing I have the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

Good night, and…. RUN AWAY!!!  (If you missed the reference, get off of my blog.  You don’t belong here.  Seriously…).


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Boring... very boring. Soccer mom, nurse, excessive user of the ellipsis... see?
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