Hello world! (WordPress’s title, but good enough for now)…

Hmmmm….. this is my first post.  I should say something earth-shattering that will leave the Blogosphere breathless and begging for more.  However, I am not having a breathless kind of day.  I am actually having the kind of day where “You suck.” is propogated by my higher-ups as constructive criticism.  So, I guess I am not approaching my first blog EVER with the best attitude.  Please enjoy any acidic remarks dripping with venom and sarcasm that are about to follow!

First of all, I have to say that I never thought I would actually blog.  That is to say, have a blog of my own, I mean.  I always thought that my friends and associates with their own blogs had to be a little self-obsessed at least, and raging narcissists at most. Why the heck should I care about your opinion on Apple’s last iGadget or whether or not Lady Gaga’s new song “like rocks!”?  I notice now, however, that everyone has a blog, so I figured why not?  After all, it is sort of like Facebook without the annoying chat feature.  So now, anyone and everyone who cares what I am doing, thinking, wearing, drinking or smoking can keep themselves updated.

Now for some ground rules.  If you are a Republican, or any type of social conservative, keep it nice or I WILL block you (if this site has that feature, and if I can figure out how to use it).  If not, I will just ignore you.

I am not Christian, and my soul is fine, so don’t try to save me from myself, or from some mythological evil deity that happens to look an awful lot like the Pagan god of the Forest.

My laptop is missing the “r” and “e” keys.  I took them off to clean them, and haven’t been able to get them back on.  Therefore, any words containing the letters “r,” “e” or any combination thereof that are misspelled are not my fault.

I use ellipses excessively… get used to it.

Now, for the painful, but obligatory, “About Me” section…

I am: married, 39, a mother and step-mother, a Yellow Dog Democrat, and a Pagan.  I drink, smoke occasionally and enjoy turning profanity into an artform.  I am a registered nurse with a BS in Criminal Justice and a Masters in Law.  I am starting my PhD in Public Health and Epidemiology in the fall.  I am not an idiot, in spite of what one of my bosses seems to think of me today.

I love: My husband and children, my mother, British humor, politics, wine, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the moon, water, cool air, and Ghost Hunters.

I don’t love: Reality TV (aside from GH), Sarah Palin, prejudice in any of its ugly forms, intolerance (I am especially intolerant of that), getting up early, heat/humidity, high pollen counts, complicated epidemiological formulas, dogs that bark constantly, whiners, and condescending so-called superiors.  I also have a pet peeve with poor grammar, spelling and punctuation, but I can work around that, especially if I am drunk-blogging and become a huge offender myself!

Things I want:  World peace, rainbows and puppies, sunshine and flowers, hugs that go around the world… Oops, sorry!  I accidentally lapsed into my old Miss America transcripts. 

Things I really want:  World peace (yes, I mean it), a greener planet, fewer bills, more good friends, good health and long lives for my family/friends, a bigger house, and to be a member of GHI.  I also want some heretofore unknown, distant relative (not one in Nigeria, though) to call me up and offer to pay off my student loans for me because he always wished he had gotten to know me better.

Let’s see… have I missed anything?  Umm…  blah, blah, blah Buffy… blah, blah, blah mean boss… blah, blah, blah world peace… British humor and Ghost Hunters.  I think that about covers it. 

Join me tomorrow (or whenever I get around to posting again) for some more wit and wisdom.  Or at least a few minor rants.

Good night… blessed be… vote Democrat.


About thenakedpagan

Boring... very boring. Soccer mom, nurse, excessive user of the ellipsis... see?
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4 Responses to Hello world! (WordPress’s title, but good enough for now)…

  1. Mr WordPress says:

    Hi, this is a comment.
    To delete a comment, just log in, and view the posts’ comments, there you will have the option to edit or delete them.

  2. demgirl1970 says:

    I think Mr. WordPress may be a plant. Shh… don’t let on that we know…

  3. prebigbanger says:

    i think he’s on to you…

    • demgirl1970 says:

      Damn… I had the feeling that guy would be nothing but trouble. Be careful, his bow-tie is really a camera! Quick- do the fish-slapping dance to distract him while I sing “Danke Schoen” with an obnoxious cockney accent….. that ought to throw him off of our tail.

      In retrospect, maybe I should just confront him, prebigba

      I am fairly certain that my husband could kick his ass. He (my husband) is from Jersey, ya know… Even though he spent a lot of years in Colorado, I am pretty sure they didn’t turn him into a poof. It is hard to stay tough in the land of Birkenstocks and Broncos, though… we will just have to see…

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